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Climbing Classes

The Fight Gravity Series is a fantastic way to introduce yourself to the world of Climbing.

New to Climbing?


For only $225, you earn all three Fight Gravity Classes (a combined 6 hours of training) as well as a FREE One Month Membership (includes FREE equipment rentals).

The Fight Gravity Series Includes:

  • A FREE month membership (includes FREE rentals)
  • Unlimited access to our facility (no blackout times)
  • FG-1, FG-2 & FG-3 (6 hours of combined training)
  • Call us at: 1 (714) 556-7625 or, book the series online to reserve your spot
  • Spots do fill up quickly, please have an alternate date available
  • Check our calendar to see what class day is best for you
  • Please show up 5-10 min early so class can start promptly
  • Be prepared, bring/wear comfortable clothing suitable for gym use
  • Fill out our online waiver (1st time guests only)

Classes This Week

Want to Improve Technique?


You can sign up for any Fight Gravity Class after taking the introductory FG1 (though on order is encouraged). Each class includes 2-3 hours of class time and gear rentals.

For climbers who’ve learned the basics are want to expand or have hit a plateau and are looking to push through, check out our course offerings from Fight Gravity 2, 3, Special Topics, Lead or even try a one-on-one private session with one of our qualified instructors.

Fight Gravity Classes are by appointment and book up fast – call us to make an appointment or click on the booking links below to schedule online.


Fight Gravity One

Fight Gravity One is a fantastic way to introduce yourself to the world of Climbing. Experience the excitement of climbing and learn the basic belay skills to climb roped in the gym. You will do plenty of climbing and acquire the skills you need to pass the Rockreation top rope belay test. For only $75, you earn the 2 hour class as well as a free Week Membership (includes free equipment rentals).

*Upgrade to the series including FG 2 & 3 for $150 + membership for 3 additional weeks

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Fight Gravity Two: Balance

Ever wonder how climbers make it look so easy? This two-hour class teaches you how to create power by utilizing the legs, hips, and core, and thus conserve energy in the upper body. You will also learn how to make accurate contact with the rock. Hard climbing starts with a strong foundation of proper technique! Not continuing from FG-1? Already passed our belay test? Sign up for Fight Gravity Two and take your climbing skills higher.

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Fight Gravity Three: Efficiency

Save your strength and climb in a more relaxed and efficient manner! Learn how to push instead of pull your way up the wall & to use proper body positioning to generate movement. We’ll also teach you how to read the holds on the wall & create a plan of attack.

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The following classes and sessions can be booked individually by contacting the front desk. Remember, spaces fill up quickly so please give us at least a week notice so we can schedule you!


Climb Time

No partner, no problem! This weekend-based climbing group offers 5 slots to anyone who’d like to climb ropes with one of our instructors. Whether you’re new and haven’t found your crew yet or just want to come in on your own and train, this small group will get you on the wall! 1-hour increments, $45 per hour per person for up to 2 hours.

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Lead Climbing

Lead Climbing will get you on the sharp end of the rope! This class will teach you how to lead climb in the gym. You will learn how to belay a lead climber, how to catch and take falls, how to clip efficiently, and much more! Explore the mental and physical challenges lead climbing has to offer and take your climbing to the next level. This class is by appointment only so be sure to call us to schedule. $125 for Members and $150 for non-members.

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Private Instruction/Coaching

Private Instruction is for all ages and abilities. Any of our group Fight Gravity classes can be taken privately, or we can customize a class to fit your needs.

Personal coaching is designed to refine your climbing skills with a series of intense one-on-one climbing session with one of Rockreation’s expert instructors. Each one-on-one session is one hour long. $85/hr

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