Birthday Party reservations are now open & available again. Please call or visit the gym to book your party today!




Children must be 6yrs or older.


Our trained instructors provide a fun, exciting and unique place for you to have your birthday party. We maintain a 5:1 ratio of climbers to belayers so everyone in your party receives individual attention. Each two hour session is filled with climbing and activities such as Capture the Flag*, Wall Tag and Wall Twister!


Party times for groups of 5-25 climbers are available during regular business hours. Larger groups can be accommodated by renting the gym before we open or after we close!

*Available for off-hours parties only



Starting at $450 up to 10 climbers

Peak Hours / Private Parties*

Starting at $550 up to 10 climbers

What’s Included with Your Party:

  • 2 hour event time with climbing and games
  • 5:1 Climber to instructor ratio
  • Private access to our party room
  • Tables and chairs for up to 30 guests
  • Staff assisted set-up and clean-up
  • Party favors/goody bags available for $5 each


Advance booking required.

All reservations require climbing shoes to be worn while climbing. Rentals will be provided for $5/climber if needed.

We recommend you book as early as possible.


A $50 non-refundable deposit is required at the time of booking. We have a 48 hour cancellation and change policy. Failure to cancel or change within that time will result in a charge of 50% of the event price.


*These pertain to blocking out climb time or kids climb and after hours parties. The minimum for after hours is $550.

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Check For Answers to Your Party Questions Here First

Party FAQs

  • What does a typical birthday party at Rockreation look like?

The first ten minutes, instructors run a game while we get everyone checked in and harnessed up.  After going over rules, the party climbs hard for 50 minutes. We then break for fifteen minutes for food followed by another 40 minutes of climbing. We finish with a game as we get everyone deharnessed.

  • Can I come early to set up?

You are welcome to come up to fifteen minutes before hand to set up the party.

  • Can I have use of the party room after?

Due to the consistent use of the party room throughout the day, the use of the party room ends promptly after the two hour part.  However, the party room can be reserved for use for 50 dollars per half hour.

  • What if I am a little over on my number of climbers the day of the party?

We can usually accommodate an extra climber but we would not be able to provide an extra belayer.  Given our limited number of space, we stress not to bring more than the party limit so that we can ensure that your party runs smoothly.  There is no limit to spectators.

  • What if I am a little under on my number of climbers the day of the party?

We would still have to charge the amount quoted, but if any parents wanted to join in to take the spot they are more than welcome climb to fill the quota.

  • Who needs to fill out waivers?

Anyone coming into the gym, even if they are just watching, will need a participant agreement filled out prior to coming into the gym.  This can be filled out online.  Often times parents will drop off their child and come a little while before the party ends to watch.  Regardless of the time spent in the gym, all spectators and participants will have to fill out waivers.

  • What is provided in the party room?

We have six picnic size tables and 24 chairs.  Any food and decorations would have to be brought in by the party.  Table cloths are also recommended.

  • Can we run a few games during the party?

Yes! Our program is flexible according to how you want to run the party.  Tell your instructors before hand if you had any special requests and they will do their best to accommodate.

  • What is the minimum age?

The minimum age to climb with an instructor is six.

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